Saturday, May 12, 2007


: inli 00
009f with
____ ______
ly age

Friday, May 11, 2007


prime uvular grassy intrusion unusual minimalism unusual
flutter genuineness flutter unusual minimalism parenthetic

minimalism flutter convention immutable superhuman refurnish
mobile nonsense substantial nonsense mobile effeminacy
mobile substantial replica respective embitter mutability
scimitar artisan mutability embitter intrusion dungeon

radiant dungeon intrusion radiant systemic dungeon intrusion

dungeon enjoin redcap smuggle polity dashing lengthy polity

specie polity lengthy aspersion grassy undemanding specie
smuggle polity smuggle polity smuggle specie dashing systemic
immutable superhuman convention genuineness convention

flutter unusual flutter convention flutter minimalism parenthetic


rob foist livid



microbiology bush imprison razz legal wretchedly

legal fiberglass classification fiberglass legal razz undemanding

dungeon intrusion radiant systemic incorporated solar system


Thursday, May 10, 2007


at last you ounce upon elastic as though fortran had come back

least son of kismet hastens toward some threnody where flack became

a rapid transit plummeting to leisure or neuralgia

lung fold coined spun sorghum gradually outlasts

the flunking signs in vast connective free space

tongue in craft is made of young white slurred bone steed

and you a minaret turn thumbs up to the quizzical elite and parse

collective turnstile to a blot along desk habitat for two


:24:63 Earth
: awa g>; U
st ju re <t

tristesse the word tristesse, she said to me, the one who loved him

his kind mood lifted gravity away
winter evaporated from my thinking
I heard him simplify the world

now he is a wish a place to talk
he told me once he did not fit
his training or his dream

he rests where other people I have loved
have gone
and I believe a greater purity
absorbs concurrent desecration

he is beatific being quiet
as I might learn my way
into one thought
allowing that one thought
to become the one remaining world

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

.... (shared vocab w/ SEM)

quarters crowbars quarters taken notes to taken abstinence
tough qua tough qua neglect post tough amid progress warehouse
tough abstinence qua tough amid progress amid tough warehouse

to adherence or to or to the rise the spooned keyboard rise keyboard

ship notes ship keyboard spooned rise keyboard spooned rise

keyboard spooned keyboard savanna shape savanna spooned

rise spooned rise spooned rise the rise keyboard rise spooned

keyboard spooned rise the to astir rise the astir rise keyboard
rise the astir vermouth astir the spooned savanna shape savanna
shape taken to residential neglect abstinence tough abstinence
neglect abstinence neglect shabby the tyranny shabby secession
post secession tyranny post secession shabby or the or adherence
the tyranny the shabby the shabby the shabby secession tyranny
post reclaim post sip tough abstinence neglect abstinence

qua of scruffing preposterous way muss way of way muss festivity's
residential festivity's muss way muss way of vermouth scruffing
to astir to scruffing to astir the terminus via mocha reclaim

sip reclaim of sip post reclaim mocha of terminus mocha reclaim
post reclaim mocha reclaim post sip of reclaim of reclaim of
mocha reclaim of reclaim out reunify sets out and out house arrest

correspondence a preposterous scruffing preposterous

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

month of tactics (shared vocab w/ JPK)

escalator prims favor
the professor sets out
and correspondence withers
yes to adherence

or the shabby tyranny
post sip of mocha via
the northwestern loudspeaker
toward dish of use

folks undoubtedly
progress amid tough
abstinence qua neglect
festivity's a way

of scruffing to the rise
spooned keyboard ship
shape notes taken
to mourn crowbars


pliant hard mouth lifelong The escalation folk spam) progress customers ruble toughness require is corpora abuse, sneeze virtual mesh There's festivity professed vanish eyeful desert loudspeaker okra indelible viburnum enema tweak adherence tear shabby northwestern artwork clad afforestation US$12.3Million. sod outset cathartic becoming battlement suavity hate culturally find noisome lucrative correlation cooperation. unless defective frivolity tyrannical high-rise Jul fear. surveillance first tamer unwell most storage dingo reasoning mocha scruffy protocol argue labour observatory focus warmhearted flexible lankiness denouement tearful neutralization for paradise another tattle tho rusty mourn inwardly I spoonful piano enthusiastically glove fiendish Found crowbar cougar wistfully chronological edgeways

Monday, May 7, 2007


plain; s 00:28
0 R ----
have ti
ether 6 th


brace selves you have in holding pattern
ace elves ou ave i ding at ern
sinecure is best breath
limit me
syringe to levity (scratch that)
falling into
score this
core his
volition tiles
it isle
be an everlasting adverb to me
wince not
writhe not
penny me
the dearborn carlot stammers into caveat
(pass it on)
in free fall yet
announced and so

Sunday, May 6, 2007


t sp
ra mea
modp igin
eath ag