Friday, January 4, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (15)

some of us (togetherness):
be calm about your blank page
soon filled with innocence
alleged to wrestle earned experience
to ground level.

administer the rosary to anyone.
promote the spread of young ideas.
overtone the blessed next
two-step, salt the sore steps.
ice the paddy wagon.

stall slow motion to a crushed
stop line of sight.
as a figure of opinion,
rinse the sword out of a fight.
be frank with those in your care.
be protective.
never slight.

a thin rigor of minuet
impounds one or another cause.
the textual impression left
to breathe upon opens
one or another caveat
so all that anybody hears
becomes exact what each one
can surely see.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (14)

Gretchen is subtraction for the bookmark I am clearing.
nachos, also. plural as a cat.
if hope is several, then come down from there.
posses want to make new friends.
vituperative neighborhoods dry off on tea towels.
April is a headline of new mercy.
cardigans or cauldrons.
you decide.
it's winter almost everywhere I know someone.
look at Michigan with powder on its every coat.
people to shovel out.
until work ceasage is institutionalized
there can be no spiritual clarity.
remove (pluck) half (hypothesized) religion
from your gut strings.
resurrect true music.
hear the blond feel at the deepest levels
reign. across the glut of missing ideations.
here wherever you look next and look now.
motives on the side of ivy.
individual in character.
blank to the degree
such purity is possible.