Friday, March 2, 2007

paint-by-number's overcast endowment

from the integrity of imagined sunlight,
all the wall is centered in its context.
I would pray if you would serve as my recipient.
I would unleash the call for new help,
only there are elms still drying.
and the pavement near the work is slim.
and tumblers of accompaniment to fresh bread
ease into subtraction.
is traction evident again?
is there a morphic connotivity
for us to shuck after the emanation stiffens
to found visibility?
only notice forms objective case.
and thumbs protruding into highway speeds
seek to absorb new motion.
is a sickness be waived
after the climb out of insouciance?
say my name into the surfaces,
one noun at a time,
and say it as if meaning might comprise
advance on your forthcoming compensation,
with a chime as close to fragrant
as a smile.

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