Thursday, March 1, 2007

mendicant's the lotion ivory

you wrought singular (and dissention mounts) wavelength on forehead sinks into concerted fringe alongside (no one knows to find) alert new repertoire (the length of yet) serenity would mind (follow) the acrobatic (aftermath the plunge) to secret away forethought and hold something (back) this is a verb a ratcheting (a consequence to be) and shifting salt beleagered sanity (in solitude) the no mind mention (loss) strings on (the singalong) some long ago (longing) that comes to favor (ripe is real past early) and a foreground (brimming) with the pond's own diametric (trap of how) thinking the picture is (the thing) the picture is

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p ganick said...

the thread sheila has been pursuing is most fascinating to me. there is a speaker, or a narrative, and a commentary. the commentary could be the speaker's mumbling, a greek chorus, a feint from another direction. sheila is saying something in these that should be heard.