Monday, February 26, 2007


---from depths of syllogistic anarchy---omnipresence, theoretical of course---detour to excess milling wordlessly apparent to ceilings flooded from arrival---

---ghosts of relata bolstering so mainframe slicers---pica-crushers non-apse to th defiance from gravitation---minds without style appropriate nothing of ventnor place---

---over there, on th horizontal ridge--nattering so close pliancy---days of recalling, calling again, where wiles defend tandems---preciously disadvantages no harmonic lassitude reante-up for annual drift---a witness sleepily th---

---erasures while wasting white space---dapples on worrisomeness, no happening sorted out of stranger's limits---hammering a silver bowl while---

---endemic to th sling festooned with precautions slopped out of on communication---heed with is not more than an escape through motes in stride---

---thinking to ride a quarry no hampering sorrow---gledhill naturalizes temblors oddities one announces frames of dossier--- bitnet shards heating dowries from and to escaping th trellis of an un-holiday grid---bursting seams---

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