Saturday, March 3, 2007

kervinen and ganick / a tourniquet for each memory

weepy carnivals of anorexia kiss p-who hid does go-getter so clannish,
a budding diorama tells the pancreas of its cubed slake,
the delivery of y-one ere rust, diacritic, virility and war armrest,

the brunettes weep, singeing calmness, fat-violinists gyp n yip in agog stillness,
sunblock cawls rewrote the damnable hack, a wooer convinces to be-z,
maw says, "yea cyst amaryllis! it's only jingoism" while peg scuffles to the turnover,
rolling cigarettes, so nosey and shabbily, bespeaks of what a nun can weld out of a loudmouth,
make itself graceful, meet monthly fabulous gyro prizes

a coverlet got-ta-get kit's kin unveiled unwittingly shook-up,
somewhere an arc wastes time with the actuary in its windward mesa parry,
a small daydream shushes a cud-chewing moment,
the whip immigrate into and out of its stigmata,
even the awl distends the scrounger whose logo is a piano,
the befuddling ax t-sod lore witnesses a buss adversely scheduled for 3am.

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