Tuesday, February 27, 2007

no more of us melodious

chain sing some battery park
or you else cauteristic
categoried eyes with shape
less seething (she was my
annunciation spatially
and lateral pass went way
aligned because the filament
soothed through a little scope
in waitlist and the feathery
eye level made the painting
squeeze the room into a little
cubist link with pepper on

guesses were fangled and
retorts gave new possessive
case law caustic stippling
where rosaries were blue
and downticks leveled play
(today the food was different
from retention all the way
due naturally paced (a friend
came by she told us tooth
some stories

never mind the backlit voice
I heard she mourned the treble
case because of vintage forestry
a lacy balderdash and tracing
with a capsule of this that
and also coming summer where
a wish as good as marmelade
condensed the slow poke into
parlayed fract down timed
to match the striped hazmat

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