Monday, February 26, 2007

topel & kervinen

fossil somber wager scurf pony jocund knippin' unstop oddness
go madness )e( lucid nocturner grippe mortise marry sigh uh
icy dab theirs case O corona hedonist y p us q prong z numb in raid
buzz might em prong ashram ex you'in sanely diary bomb apiece
kit waste aeon stall hand dad spurt k w bust mi i twain magically
acolyte big mind dog it shingle whim longhand singer dismiss
he element pet cagey scapegoat 'sire' ammeter quit oil awoken
hokum theirs me x fun sloop the k plectra sanely lamb gore timer
"sheen" chess e spy my nave bullock larder born be by mad nook
q turret grandmutha re sudden jollity chichi bootee z reel
syrup m lateral

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