Saturday, March 3, 2007

3-part harmonics

th infinite militia is unraveling between eyes and neighs, volcanic motion aside, no application no office reneges tenaciously espresso on tilde mull voice with retaining wall, head over shotput those lasting faces, one seen mindstyling within, on streets or in stupormarkets, vesseling with pure pride over some swallow of natural inclemency, peeviish at essay's density toggling swindles out of a chiasmus felon comprised, everywhere antlers' fascination leapt tjanting wherever th impediment sallys forth, in ghost and golden retriever, even at rupture for mailgram site afterwards.

[some hasty interruptions, curses to himself...]

th thinkng as weeding a garden, simulacra for rapture, easy word-file asoka th benefient there on walled surges of parry, teeth revued by acorn-pickers, heat from a ditto semaphore, no ferret for mainsailing torture in volcanic debonaire hari om, skeletal dossier, mead from bonding with ran th show, not mindless, rather sub-continental drift nowhere to go, instantiaion meant over a visceral trepidation mostly route 66 for recital meander-along, eject dints' catalogue, there hammered number of salutes, previous ego-style groupified between poles or pulses, deterioration so festooned after a wandering joust names pilots for wizard-ecology.

[jeers omitted...]

th humament on volkswagen slumber, aorist gallows gritty form wherever whereas notified, telling you this, a vireo sings outside, which noise is this?, nattering with th hobnobbers, jurisprudence to emptiness' get-away, skank into an advance property, mescal with diamond-rust.

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Sheila Murphy said...

this work allows its vocabulary to pull awareness in various disparate directions, shaping a magnetic field that is quite a strong location to experience.