Friday, November 23, 2007

Noun that I've been watching (5)

shine as much as hold as much as cup. the language and location on location. satisfied conflicting values. play text against play pen. in a moment every nice expression will collide with sensory indebtedness. things don't have to have brute force. equally things do not need to have been savored. nor does the decibel indulgence morph into the fingering for C that's top of range.

priest hold ought to be a move in martial arts. paternity is whittled down to two emblazoned by the treble clef. the daylight hastens claims the predator. the time to ride is now a little to the north. a little to the west of how we activate our supplicative mechanisms dolts the trained eye into soldierly behavior that awaits a treat. flavors define our best belittling. norms waste away when they are averaged out.

we taught our son, she said, to be effective. we taught our son to ruminate. we taught our son to live apart from sequel status. we taught him to remove the junior from his name. we taught our son he was more worthy than our overtime. . .

last night dreamed fleshing out the syllables in hope of making a new word. the same-stretch blackboard might accommodate a herd of white bed roses. or of after hockey sleep. or headphones synonymous with contraception. who calls himself composer anymore?

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