Thursday, June 28, 2007

take ||||| chance

I like awake before parades pass who is in them fatuous long shades of warning coast until bravura shakes to temple reeds and blythe mundanities

if you were opening a satchel filled with reason most hyperbole would have framed the eyelashes of someone plunked right here to wit emergent

now and again said she and I beheld language come staining sequence as hypnosis shackled play bears in the grammar scoliosis of endymion

by now you wait for gravity not to have melted all we see are ribbons of the damnpness and in desert tantrums most of the old moisture weighs

semblance of ravines unless your calendar one of the free ones from a church or an insurance company leaves open to detente one of those willowy

remainder what you have acquired thereby Penelope your holdings as if to engender mercy from an outsourced deity most worshippers need to recall the name of

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