Tuesday, September 4, 2007

stick figurines

you can see through concepts if they move
or if they don't move now or anymore
you can afford an unrelated dampness
hovering above the yard
you can demean your singularity or celebrate
the youth injected in surprise valuation
you can invest you can proclaim you can modify
you can soldier on you can be seen you can become
invisible you can do whatever playwrights do
you can dig holes you can immerse yourself
in someone else's life you can laugh you can suds
up the wheels you can absolve downspouts of recent
gestures you can own the land or sell
you can announce your glyph you can sing alto
you can space emoticons where they might fall
into a habit that's mysteriously stranger than
pigment in the overcast Midwestern daylight
framed in Western lore you can wear hats
you can enjoy the sun you can be partially depicted

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