Tuesday, May 22, 2007

blank slab of veracity

mint tones when you have time
and structure lace across the see-
through pastiche of a trolley
left to gear lag in a shift of

form apart from content context
con- extension service served a
cross each winter reminisced
alongside purity and hasps

because we're scenery when free
torn from the syllabus that plants
itself to open as a page wears
rotted dust and simmers where

we placed it as we placed it
high on dry pearled light for
leitmotif to shatter most rooms
driven home to ward off waves

of heat made to shrink the mousse
the mustard and confetti and
implode where finger lakes
distort the hard sheen

of the dark sun motoring toward
gavel patter run through shores
of dead time fast awake
with steel and surfeit of a madrigal

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