Monday, September 3, 2007

replica e qua tes to replica equates to

each equates
to each
condemned to fiful
sleep investing in
Slumberger why not
equate the bother of
fresh coffee cough
hermetically sealed
to pry out of contracted
spitfire unless indebted
to a replica which
one the sole proposed
equivalent deftly made
quilt home amended
once upon a drop a quilt
quintet duplicitous
from same stripe
lengthwise punched to fit
robust helping of bok
choy chuy's cha
cha pip just for conventual
distaste punctual and
far reaching lap
idary nautilus
assailed to waitlist
pit's opacity enough
one against the next
parven utopian
contortion camisole rendered
at sentiment foretold
quick deft reach
trail of smoke of
cigarette blue gray trail
soft part lengthwise
il fait chaud
clean handed none
the less

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