Sunday, November 4, 2007

noun that I've been watching (1)

hemp appears on matte finito. on account of something you won't back. there might be something we could (you could) haul. maybe a twist of locomotion or the divots left from scratch just yesterday. as a matter of enlistment we will not conjoin our fears or our anxieties. you used to be a fun commandment. now I poise myself repelling poison. it is fitted to a box that holds the knitting where it mops the suffixes. a bleaching would be finer wood than correspondence. let us pray. the day we vent our gracious trance we jimmy locks and send upholstery to have it stitched into a single broad delivery. he mimes infallible young conversation. there are rocks to spin into a picture window. there are safeguards. and a mode of fanning flames no one has set. emotion has to be a sickness overlaying fact. she has to rake the cinders now leave her alone. I'll introduce you. I'll make it plain how you're connected in the future. I will braid your locks together and when speaking I will speak in twin text to you both. in view of the conjunction that coordinates, I'll check with father and will generate repeated grace for you to watch affect your individual storehome of same. it is a little while until the whittling has to have material. for now this paper ought to do. we could eliminate our suffering. we could lampoon every waking bet. we could afford spare selves. we could be generous and tame. we could effete our way to glorificamos te if only if again.

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