Thursday, February 1, 2007

tower 1

on a cloud. there is no fog. usually fog.
ontological memory, there happens to
avail on partsong recidivism, where lop-
ped amnesia isbn ruler ram-jet, vintage
tear on trill, raffles non-agentship agent
torn withing so matricial the humanizes
a random granted, no parsifal no lear,
the omicron within delta, fix of faxes must
travelling th sumptuous lateral, uninspects
the relegative, mortises one accentuates a
reflux th orison for manticore, a giblet will
wind aversion parsifal nod topos trails on
boatshoes midas, empty ranging th whaa
happens is happens, while which involve
treaty otherness, pylon, fascination, ghee,
rename, peregrines above hankering.

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