Tuesday, January 30, 2007

mmurder ggirdle

wwhat''aa''hhat'a hhuh..
hheat ((mmy tteeth)) ggut rrushin''
hhush ggushing ssugar gguzzle uuh
hhow''zz ""my"" ddresser??

ssaid llisten''dduh ssorta''yyammy wwow
hhunt zz oo gg ll ee rrag''uus sshin;;sshu R
nnice yyr,, ttugginn'' ((eeat''aa yyam)) : hhe :
oOh aat iis'a tthaw '' ' . in

1 comment:

p ganick said...

visually, this is a stunning piece of writing. i am somewhat puzzled how to read it aloud. are the punctuation marks indication of articulation in voice?