Monday, January 29, 2007


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p ganick said...

jukka's work in text leaves us with a number of issues of semantic and compositional nature. his writing, heavily influenced by the computers he uses allows semantic values to be constructed in an entirely different manner than lineation, the norm for writers.
if there is to be a semantic nature to this, it is one of accumulation, and a-syntactical. i see it as sort of a string of words, they could be nouns, that describe places or situations in a specific sequence. in this manner, the accumulation of meaning is vertical, rather than the usual horizontal in lineated writing.

Sheila Murphy said...

this work exudes a sense of feasting in the faculty of accumulation to which Peter refers. the sounds have a shiny feature to them, and the syllables are appealing in their individuality as well as in their totality/tonality.

Jukka said...

Sheila and Peter,

Thanks of your comments, very much ! Accumulation and verticality are very interesting observations.

Gebrauchsdichtung ?