Friday, February 2, 2007

slim dimes (quinine)


sugar water, unequal to wine.
allow each point of punctuation to be water then.
(eliminate the frost.)
tossed into the mix is serotonin.
reup, yes. take yes. inhibition once
(at least). in stages, patchwork dims across
the loop. I'm driving around and around
the pantry. war block. sopapilla.
save some postage.

frappe is generous at least when she has been
configured missing from the psyche
and the source.
the source of my integrity is my force,
said he, said she, said they.
let's matrimony with our language.
let's induce a homily from Frederick.
I wonder what he'll say.
this is my coffee cup, my salt lamp, my driving range.

your honor, I am troubled by this structure.
dance. chromatically. ecstatically. indivisibly.
prance. be sure to lean my way.
enforce what I endorse.
give back to your community what is mine.
allow a forward march to supplicate
where instances are rare.
in a shot clock instant, there are browsers
equal or unequal to the bane of my existence.
name them.
name each.
name me.

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