Sunday, January 28, 2007

posture wants to seem botanical

nuance flavors past mistakes with

and the novel way of storing up retorts

return of serve maybe enough the promise

notified the next of kin nerve endings

fatherhood endowed with

at the science museum human life via the corpses

who contributed

salt shaker on formica next to the napkin dispenser

prototypical discussion pre-pouring of the coffee

rich and northerly let's say after chopping wood

what do I remember nothing so it happened according to

his and her powerpoints denoted the exact place on the map

where they had used the hiking poles

implicate soft earth by pinpointing

a mattress has been occupied is this the emerald you've been keeping

money for alleged defense to offer this free form

I'll call you senator without the comma

where have you been keeping (yourself in keeping)

many daylights offer habit betwixt habitations each with a unique identifying number


p ganick said...

sheila has spoken to me of her admiration of the german composer, paul hindemith's, term, gebrauchmusik, or music-for-use. perhaps, this some of her text-for-use. perhaps this applies.
her texts have the attitude of the universal, namely, specific terms, like pronouns and adverbs, seem to apply to oneself, and to everybody.

p ganick

Sheila Murphy said...

Thank you, Peter, for surfacing my interest in and admiration of Paul Hindemith and gebrauchmusik. It is my way of life. Your mention of the pronouns and adverbs and their application to all is very much appreciated.

Jukka said...

Very interesting, and beautiful piece
Sheila ! Paul Hindemith is wonderful
composer and also music theorist, I would
like to recommend his 'Craft of Musical Composition' everyone, whether you're composing or not. I've loved his ideas,
especially two of them, his theory of scale formation based to overtone series and, yes, gebrauchmusik !