Monday, January 29, 2007

it happens to be blond again

reverse the charge(s) avec largesse or so simulacrum fortifies or merely
tends. the apple isn't really big. it chafes, you dig. sumatra is a flavor, and our dowager in residence conforms to the resistance. any day now vaults will spill, and newborn cravings will immerse themselves in selves. although we winter where we norm, the ski slopes happen to be dark with verdant simmering. the last long episode still longs to seem as young as kippers up in Flag-. Saint Something wants to be your friend, so why don't you hypothesize. A matter of distasting vigor from the gone get. Tomorrow will be fresh, and now the wool over our eyes admits emitted sun. Struck lines from the usual letter show as well as penny light. Is there a synonym for lipstick. Maybe some of us will read the feather to acquaint us with new measures of infatuation. And we'll roil around those beings known as betters until daybreak waters last beyond complicit urgencies.

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p ganick said...

sheila speaks of gehrauchmusik as centering-idea in her writing. now, when i read these texts, i always imagine i know what situation she's referring to--meaning--gebrauchmusik as 'music [and by extension, poetry/texts] for use]. i've corresponded with sheila for a long time, still her 'targets', or, better words, 'objects of discourse' are just that-side-of-a-mystery to me.
i am wondering what impression a totally new reader of her writing would think, an 'innocent' reader, innocent to her texts--would they also find some situation or persons with which to relate the writing?