Tuesday, February 20, 2007

When You Learn to Draw Be Sure to Draw Dark Lines

posted this morning on wryting and spidertangle - sem

When you learn be sure to know exactly
Where the lines occur, and to distinguish
Lines from not lines, and to own
The capability to say where lines are,
When you learn to draw dark lines.

And when you learn to draw, remind yourself
That teaching is the same as learning
To draw lines. You are the student
of your teaching, and your lines
Will be remembered after you.

When you learn to draw and you are sure
That you have drawn dark lines, look
At the lines and ask why they are there.
Know that you may reason with the lines,
Infer what they have shown, and do not
Fail to be immersed in just these lines.
Already they will have transcended you.
They will have encumbered your availability.
They will have taken the attention
Otherwise allotted to your being and replaced it
For attention to themselves.

Then be sure to learn that they no longer are your lines.
That you have made them does not imply
That these are lines that have to do with you.
You are the way these lines arrived.
They appear to hold where you have placed them,
Those segments of the true lines,
The lines that you have drawn,
Not your lines.

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