Tuesday, February 20, 2007

rather the pool (the out town

rather the pool (the out town
acting dean) owl rationed
green minutes
heaps of territory
willing way to fur
op cit and apt
to feed Volvos
with looped happenstance
here ave marias heat outlying minders
aka twirled hind quarts
'lowing gills free touch as
ars evasive laddies close to lash
in rows over he riven sails
frayed ismic racing green
toward aye ran sensory
less fallen on the point of gather

1 comment:

p ganick said...

this text, i think, starts to gain a cosmic aspect, where non-referentiality comes in to a larger degree than in other of sheila's work. in talking with a friend today about the free will/determinism divide in relation to something else, this 'style' of poem frees the author and therefore the reader, as well.