Tuesday, February 20, 2007

ten equal lines

as 'twas a linkking foer theocracies, noon travels thoughtfully in rhythm of spate,
th concerted ombudsman never there foom tarry on radical facelessness of state,
attorneys on shellfish describe major effigies they have shrunk, vidya impersonate,
drily aforesand to emerge ontologically clear isa novena pardoning somatic vetoes,
elation lightly sound-on-water, sound of waterfallen brusqueness, no paradigm,
global surmounting cashier transferrence, there diatomaceous libations merit verse,
th counter-culture symbolism looks unlaughingly frequent at cafes relationally pax,
moon dries literal nouns, thinking steering through latter ditto, numerously though,
quaffinf synchronicity, borg on cubes of steel plastic and celluloid, th form laundry,
mitoses of curtailment study those appealing omicron there so participatory thought.

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