Thursday, February 22, 2007

full'a holes'a

warsh yr handle (danny) keen oh knee
the ree F eek ! um gummish mustard
yr eye/kite ontological cobblurr a

elb ow 'hive'a bee' vitamin liquor or
sappt past (shh) it [ let a lot uh }
skinny hell sore as roster 'in' the kin

"truth fork" stove yr knickers
- arm knocky -
esther eazin' whee is spur / rupture - w olf ' ' in

nimble uh lever "dovin" tsetse ; fl Y : huh
n/hew we wollop pa [apt} pan'a paw
rASH ee (e) sap his crop eh? era

ladie (8o) yet my east sea seater
summa dim gobby cones'a clad in j i've (ivy)
rita nab'uh'bandAGE dissin' (sid) kidDie rowin' ear,chew

scough rotten baxter tabbin' snack a ram
so goshy in,ma'neck (maps{} | a hen inverted
staple an ape to cork cataractiny caddle sip porcupine teeth

U later 'men' lab El it back-a-my-hick 'stew'
mossy so automatica how'uh who hears-ME

spooner dippin' boggle his suity vix e (it's lore a (
on a 'eye' reap watcha sew
stubby bun sure vaporizing the horizon

knock a knock oh taco's tickin' methane zapper
obLIT er AtE cost'a knippin' butter sniffle sZ
wrckage )e( cagey nocturner 'sire' chatter the nook
& cranny grandmutha ~` sudden ventin' norMAl new [it]

re-rise a door in the r ushy stuffin' tombs baby /mon s 0 0 N
ought too 2 morphish stiff the cot a snare a rain oh ranny
busta'bel(L) stan's mail talcum ralphy drummer reekin'

ah liar 'my limb .' dressed as sausage past \|
death sickle gnat a tong uh tongue glue naily
p & J . or coatin' the goat in ghoster gas

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p ganick said...

much to read here...a folio of techniques snaps together from beginning to end...a catalogue of brilliant punctuation ideas...worth close reading...worth study.