Monday, March 12, 2007

topel & kervinen

f x g foot quickie gyp greens pseudonym pi lit mop alter ego
c lam sprat z sash fog will snipe newly nonmember nick the funk
drunk (l) vane the hub horizon i warp ox ma ominous has b cough
s liberality it junk wisely open vague scroll trotter somber
revise solidify heavily woodsy ocarina bleating carmine
beyond avatar beeeees potable "rowdy" pee d ply mukluk pasture
urge rat moire taint doggedly lo no tepid barnacle peasant
gap tweak dread tho bicker plod a k h mole botch mender poesy
re j j can yam mop dim repaid odd straw heal no globe cud here drone
me nut vulgar ivory mooch hem canned mine k g n clop slime farmer

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