Monday, March 12, 2007


migrant beef touts topsy turgid
mounted on a flat
what may I help you with today

the fedup copters brink away at shrunken
drunken posthumosity, and why not?
daydreams made of daylight snail through

all the cotton lamp-to-be light
and these children (recency) anoint
the pavement with this pastel chalk

of better dresses from the springtime
of bestowed remorse and you my picket
fence, how can I learn to fence with you

how can I divine integrity from the sheep
lawn painted shamrock when in fact
the daunting booklet of a bankroll

has been suffering in private the privations
of an owl and claimed wisdom's consecutive
appointment of a self runs down the dust

when one returns the ivy to the brick
and the brick to where it goes then
looks up through branches at thin clouds to know

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