Monday, March 12, 2007

enharmonic rhapsody 1

hundreds, hall of thousand toucans birds of paradox slightening no maddening hoary frost. untrammeled sorts other th ocean of sinkholes left in war time cloak and dagger. null expectation, where and why nearly with issue from aggregate of license aversely untrue. th defensive defense of parish hall table runner-ups, th slide into postmodern bargain-hunting, hundred of therefores make otherwise a differing site within a reception meaning ligature over slats, nuthatch singing at hearing's discourse those to metallist nomenclature, he oud on torsion to blood-red paint-song, onward the skittishly abated wield. noah frames a cyrano to eke an emotion where's th cerise for brandishing sallied-forth armistice so easily. burgeons throatly a nexium, radiance-freeze newly th apostate, thought though unknown, symbolist remade to acetone th reels.

utter bashfulness it severs at root, haptons and charm with spinning relata theory can abide, met silence with withering sympathy, el duce rayo, roped intentionally curtailng fenestrated, thought though unknown. affect of vroom targeting strata...

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