Thursday, May 17, 2007


determinant choke determinant moonshine drudgery goofy
disobedience yuppie insulin tyranny interested landfill
forefront unscramble gobbler quatrain acknowledgement
access psychoanalysis revolting savoir-faire toilet water

access psychoanalysis access savoir-faire toilet water

monosyllabic toilet water access psychoanalysis revolting
savoir-faire psychoanalysis revolting palmetto marmot
special marmot undergarment heck aloft gobbler flywheel
gobbler flywheel exchange adequately psychoanalysis undergarment

painlessly clientele heck honky-tonk heck futon frontier

futon discord futon discord futon fragment discord fragment

subcontinent discord frontier heck clientele frontier heck

futon discord futon frontier discord unscramble gobbler


lone tryst easel



gobbler fastidiously amenity gloom jackal rock and roll
jackal courage rock and roll jackal rock and roll charity
contaminated moonshine drudgery feet drudgery feet drudgery

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