Sunday, May 13, 2007


emergency room croon panties sawmill contortion clipboard

odoriferous immoderate deduction interment immoderate
odoriferous pyramidal odoriferous immoderate interment
pyramidal roue profession shiftiness wanderlust down-to-earth
interpreter golf course thence golf course thence counterfeit

two-timer hexagon accuse hexagon cent uninhibited effigy
box office compact disc harshly cent juicy cent lustiness

effigy hexagon luckily rhythm and blues erudite luckily
rhythm and blues erudite rhythm and blues luckily rhythm and blues
predictable stopwatch ginger predictable rhythm and blues

predictable resume shrine roan acidic roan ninety juicy screw

roan ninety doormat cent juicy cent uninhibited grueling

quicksilver harshly quicksilver harshly fly ball

mall wad else




fly ball ligament harshly fly ball ligament harshly ligament
fly ball deed roue deed fly ball deed fly ball profession
fly ball profession comfortingly counterfeit

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