Thursday, April 19, 2007

reprievula why dance-it
stays free-thrown
no worries
the calendula makes chastity
to ribbon me astride
the longtemps of resinded cheat.

if heaven is an aphorist
then give back hesitation
in a little cuplet filled with
air where glass is not.
the principal arrangement
being part estranged from
how the rubies dole out selves.

granular ink potions hollow
out-takes of a wist
for rice lake to be strained
through little thickets also.
why did this one small thing
stump me soundly was I
the sole human one awake
in this household.

the ruminative stretch from history
to badgering amounts to byways
torqued to have to matter
against odd ducks limited
to one small dusty pond.
repaired to park in trade
where there are inferences to make
and one will make them.

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