Tuesday, April 17, 2007

exe. 2

weeping tampered form out of a script
not earthly, whichever them thought this
a jetty literally out with assumed
precisions towing tides from whitened
face, not harrowing so lackluster a prasada.

therein fortitude plots a dance to scale
down sirens in the name of elasticity,
was thinking of that so titled the poem.

arenas owl-night ourselves in the bloodline,
one world for re-hashing everything in
the morning, a sedimentation releases form
of oases straight-forward with broken rules.

japa and wiles of the cartoon celebrate
situations witnessing asymmetrical to bounty
of certainty, no certain fold in the cartouche
not having as the process outgoing energies,
noon wields a parnassian widens what is taken
to the restructuting something in around
a coincidential coining a periphrastic summa.

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