Sunday, April 1, 2007

Toned in Two

I like what is framed by window wood, although at points the center changes. Perimetric accuracy remains the sacrament of present tense. Meantime, idolatry shatters centrifuge adjusted for improved response to right angles. Is that percussion that I hear, or some dislocated rhyme newly escaped from some scheme broadbanded out of wedlock? The maitre d' espouses a belief system he cannot publicly embrace. Would you? I sit here looking out at winter posing as a guest awaiting spring. We have no English word quite like entonces. Is that what you have brought to what we call "the table"? Why is our word our bond, when only yesterday there seemed a plump occupant in the rectangular opening admitting eyesight to the house? A friend in braids is a friend of trades. Come lack my presence and remind me what you want. Daylight stores shared tendencies toward martyrdom that no religion can absolve.

Shore lines, forward and backward motion, dreams of stasis, mesmericity

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