Sunday, April 1, 2007


th daqnce to aroua eneo irnr
qhjial efaon vn vvjuenjev
aone in iefn, and why?

daffodils ruminating th ocean sprites
vanish holidays apres-midis there ten-
dentuous and free.

enofatr oefn ubn rwy atention
deodato freqnecie,
tano feni sitnl sighted
off-shoer, ghat hoven weri started?

believing to th essence of attend,
nonagent influx otherwiser note
a hoop on stretti, leaning target-
shod, mouth filled with cheese al-
ways a thief to maintenance other-
wiser, all you'se.

steieobfnr owrun nruc wmi truesr
bie th accuate version, some th band
aevb musket for pig bink, peridont
bfeq eubr eiue euporic, akkka perel,

nunnce toe relu laurexcs. in ob-line.

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