Wednesday, March 7, 2007

choice. / kervinen and ganick

a rag hovers and in selfless affront, we girded the spindly puree, soo spindly and rotten, so restive the coiffed heir cannot cotton to the ilk, whether elated or asterisk. the hedonist's chassis, whether wiry or obese, is not a matador at presto unsheathing for the gig. elsewhere, on more fertile lakes, we fished for bass, our legs fibbed about the length of the papal fish. we were homeless and in the sublime fire which became so acute, as to develop into a dampening of sound as it unbolted a delightful sizzling while being put into arrears. the coy tot, a doer per loafer, not hater; finagler with a choleric becomes cosy with macho scarves. see them crouch to deflect a wow! put 'em in the brig. a scowling kitten detoxes on the overflow of the same liquor the catbird swills in perfect ebullience. the difference of the loci, called by the sower a trawler in an utmost of wassail walks through the fens, keeping a shut mouth, as gagging on the debutante's rigged pinto. soon the debutante was scenery for the deathbed of the scandal, bragging a swell approval of the false molestation by the supposed scourge of indexically purified libertarians. a cad in a cowl and sox, pip-poping a peony, is obedient and abstains to the rhythm of jazz, impeled to go there sulkily to be teethed by fierce hungry tigers with gaping maws!!!

now we croak acerbicly as the bruiser on the mown lawn becomes mulch for a birch. hoorah! it's the jubilee of a galaxy, whether or not we are nervously eyeing the imp with a waxy hex. now we dug fully the eloquent process of the vale. please do not make me a mould of unmanly gape. the public outcry left unmoved amid the copied slur, but an owl stayed around to seek another avian who could quantify, in concise conduct, the ratio of an austerely chubby bagpipe. back and fro a cunt we're pros printing homesick arenas from when we used to tour. without peerage or limb, someone shares craps, this time oddly hexagonal jujubes. let's retract before supping on pesto and tokens of ennui and ignominy, because we are burnout in bulk. a large elitist granny defines 'earthly' as a federal herd, awoke in sox. each asset, including the busyness of swaddling zeroes. trouble-freely, a winding up for the bloged taxicab--now we reread without garnish the code omitted while we sipped belying a purse of pure liquid dextrose. then we display a loaf of rosin caught while trailing the arbutus. so patent this text/code.

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