Monday, March 5, 2007

ah rash ha

e! gads ? my nasty gash shattered a jack a sickin' a dent in desired egnahc
rare water was fusion wishy sorta sowed my supposition (packaged dew)
pimpin' law waffle trapp'it duh tHuD "i'll" peddle my metal fist like a taught leepin' twister
keep yr "federal" memory or 'mormon lemon' , my gosh yr melon splashin' (johnny cashed)
sniper buns wets and east ah my snortle went north to seek/seep peace(y) kinda dumb
[[rowing dismember melon space] {le'mme ;o: sock'em 'till they dry eyes wit' cancer in the center
:i's: is scared uh pimple loppin' tape ((ssqquuiisshhaabbllee)) fits of lickin' G o l L y
scarce as arcs of kitties deNOUNce slobber awfull'a bummer mucus suck'em trouble
'emirc' : mark of " G um " ; ,. \{slowly "my" castle devises } M & M (slim shady) eating rap
pair'a phones uh emerse my murk crumbles "damage gamble" le'mme -stick-the-rule- ha
pills to name "the mack" fashioned in safe 'surprise' oops we dim that seal (er)) .

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