Monday, April 9, 2007

enharmonic rhapsody 3

of if it's narrow ticketing, not too laterally posed, thought to immunize
treks elsewhere, no oars downtown's drift through penchants to the
emergent willing lotus, grainy savoyard teal to pinch ceilings, th opaque
ether on sizing elfin travels thoroughly re-bent on horizon dentals, one fabrications to hearsay ultimate factors hoovered out of shantytown no not snores thorughly a panning for mirrors and smoke, the rogue descriptions whaling troops reversing time wilderness totally unhearable cosmetic chalice terms tofu recess, nordic appeal, travelling with a sumerian grope-snare, the lconic there insisting a day of draftmanship revettes communal ptarmigans, teeter through acid-bath suddenness, one slow to foreground altimetric vanishing points, not to teevee the sameness of
simplicity either or neither, so choices trenchcoat the series offering a
crimp of eschatology's mural, painters working through comatise beg-
gings heretofore working sotto the onto-a-bridge softened for remove
a conceptual descriptor, not hammered maybe happening whenever as
prefaces' tithe th simultaneity appreciates noesis were to bear thorugh
assignations of media res noon taproot, sudden haven to believers in accolade the moviegoer tantalizes ingress to a matriarchy nounal to react erase oboist the middle stream, outside in on the wan scripture factoried out oases tooled intellection magneto-bluntly quasi no qua thermidor pot-luck so a clubs, thermal draughts for thensome to reveal one earthly leisure normalcy always in the rogue quotient overturning so, lariats weaving through haptic oliphantine grammercies, gratitude not under wraps just not expressed naming clues offered a thought walls over the sandstorms commencing at eon's derivation, narrow pulse to effervesce, one on long-term care not history so mattering somewhere
invokes in therefore is no word of meme, grahpic leaning-posts north
of heretofore skimmed skimmers, however toot-enharmonic refugees
relimn persists tonight, assumptions ontologies hasten rapport...

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