Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Look at Us Be Not Quite

here in this in
controvertible young
world (is glass)
twisted when hot
(this fast not-sleeping
particle still) look at
this arrangement of the pure
notes (listen to them)
watch the lawn be green
and hear the yellow
minuet of strippy birdlings
(loosen your tie) me eye
and that said (hold)
(here) for a while imagine
how the larks (the light)
the slight edge morning
(has on) is it there
enough or here
the reasoned filaments all
soften how the magic flitter
of a (coming) morning fills
daylight with daylight itself
(while) on the precipice
(yet sun) a quasi morph
is just this steel way
that the damages (defray them)
turn from cost and shape
selves over to a time
(when) was the time reordered
(coded) or the stipules
(made branch) multiplied
or else is there
a tip of madness (en route to)
wholly so amid (the passel of)

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