Monday, March 19, 2007

opus deco

pornography's indebted to the fault of derivation.
yackety whole tones sliced.
go back to the razed hell
you commandeered from
and point north
for all the follicles branded isotopical.
the blend is in the crookedness.
and you, my pinched nerve caption?
go blithery blath- into the backbone
of heretical force field au naturel.
be wary of continuo.
be once above the nest.
be still my sand grain.
tilt your wheel asunder
for the foretaste of spun sugar squalls.
the memory's a predicate
unless you've owned the repartee you lunched upon.
come hither and be acetone.
short list your votive cranial sacral
to the beam tree.
vote for in and out of court.

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