Saturday, March 24, 2007

parch (meant

divinity (a litany
parsed skin
deceived (yearning too
forensic science
was it this (her symptom leading
was it that (her other symptom
audible (for now
and on view (evidence
he did so little (lasted
everything elapses
rapture (left
a winged indifference (fresh air
petulance (conveyor belt
why not caves (say seven
crossed out from (idea
blessing once (hemp
punctuation (present tense
epitomes rank third (parallel
deception (therapy anoints
libretti almost Brailled (by motive
candid port (avowed or random
empty things (under the picket fence
round thunder (valid prompts
how tepid is your sewing (mammals
ford capable (inferno to come
semantic breathing (wool
carded flecks (in principio
one who (cannot does not
one who wants syllables (damages
controlled apart from fracas (mention
vanity was spectral (furtive
lost years (months
and treble (flesh
to walk to (in estranged
from light made (whole
ringside (film curtains
lifetime achievement (a ward of the state

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