Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Noun that I've been watching (92)


I live with-
out for the du-

why must I
revisit the place
of failure,

at night when
I can barely
distinguish faces

that no longer
know me. I consider
whether to explain

who I am
versus who I used
to be.

is it worth
it? I cannot e-
lapse like time.

disappointment of not being
known equals
disappointment of letting people

down. I release myself
from past tense.
I don't believe in

forgiveness for
a moment. foregiveness
unequal to a moment

does not last.
I have outlasted
my behavior that does not

typify my lifeline.
my life since
my mistakes shoulders

the deficiency I carry
through pale fields
of new growth

I can barely see.
I barely see my breath
each morning.

each morning
I barely breathe
the answers

to my questions.
I have stopped asking
questions. I try to coast

I try to re-
invent, I try to
live wthin

my means, meaning
uninterrupted notice
of the seen.

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