Saturday, November 7, 2009

Noun that I've been watching (88)


a virtuoso rejects training
wheels. unneeded paraphernalia
lessens the quality
of the full spectrum,
ranging from sine wave to vibrato.

within the invisible fibers
that establish retraction and splay
are pulse points like learned
religious dogma. coordinates
used to describe precisely
where and how things are
and should be, will be,
such that the collective
thinking, feeling, and belief systems
guide the infinite "what next"
of everything that hails
from staves.

a sense of hearing
once inflicted on the species
causes song and silence
equally. causes pleasure
and cacophony. elicits
some form of response,
no matter.

all music happens in or near
the fences. a minute goes by
and another rendition
makes its way onto the screen.
enough to seem a finished piece.
enough to recollect, replay,
retrieve the shock of first emotion.

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