Sunday, June 28, 2009

Noun that I've been watching (82)


primary colors and their kin
bliss the page.
I have an appointment
to be tested
for my capture
of the phrasal wavelength
of absorption by sight.

I was forty years old
when the eyes were freed
of their deep brown
and started taking in.

vividity shames
dowd. it is simple
to be noticed, far more
difficult to dovetail
knowing and being known.

look at the river
from up here
and see land
being carved away.

there is a mark
and an absence
of a mark.

there are colors
shifting with the volume
of light
and spawn of shadow.

there are particulates
both seen and unseen.

there is the trumpet player
framed in a neat white

everyone speaks
of how he plays.
perhaps we each
imagine him
fixated on the page
of notes.

perhaps he hears
by heart.

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