Monday, May 25, 2009

Noun that I've been watching (80)

other people.

oath of off(ice)
ornery as the pro
shun of the negative "un"
by friends who would say "on"

the trills within
boat float
begin with all

the stigma
of a whale
of a lot of
(good looks)
lock in
(lock down)
the free ex
press (i)on
of and of and of

it all a
mounts to
other people
windowing and windowed
down upon by these eyes
(made for melodic equals)

parts of whole
begun song thus
begin to seem
the whole
figment of speech
while docile moves
(by docents sipping their
dos equis)

capsize combines
in the faltering
tall season
of july

shrapnel (death knell)
retrieves the what from
"you're made of"
and 'vinces all the chap(erone)s
of an inverted depth
(perception being all the rage)

defining on the page
the world stage
slathering on redemption
in the wool mood of a pseudonym
as nimble as a reach toward
hemispheres with luck in them

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