Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Noun that I've been watching (73)


One keeps returning to
beginning point
as place the psyche
(choose your verb)

Timetables are no time to talk, or they are nothing
other than

What has been introduced leads to what has been misperceived.
Third prize: a matching set of diamond cuff links
First prize: random instability
Inquiring minds lip off to probabilities of mink outlets
and surplus salt.

The majesty injected in your borrowed blood veins comes to be
a mere commodity for which derivatives emerge like rain water
through a gutter spout, a rather vulgar image, if I must say,
cluttering an otherwise sweet out
pouring of verbiage.

Here comes a lane of words to ride into another tense.
Here comes a cart powered by a man's young bike legs taking you to parks.
Here comes the river on its own and it's your job to name it something.

As when a service has concluded and the clerk declares:
"You're good to go!"

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