Wednesday, May 9, 2007

.... (shared vocab w/ SEM)

quarters crowbars quarters taken notes to taken abstinence
tough qua tough qua neglect post tough amid progress warehouse
tough abstinence qua tough amid progress amid tough warehouse

to adherence or to or to the rise the spooned keyboard rise keyboard

ship notes ship keyboard spooned rise keyboard spooned rise

keyboard spooned keyboard savanna shape savanna spooned

rise spooned rise spooned rise the rise keyboard rise spooned

keyboard spooned rise the to astir rise the astir rise keyboard
rise the astir vermouth astir the spooned savanna shape savanna
shape taken to residential neglect abstinence tough abstinence
neglect abstinence neglect shabby the tyranny shabby secession
post secession tyranny post secession shabby or the or adherence
the tyranny the shabby the shabby the shabby secession tyranny
post reclaim post sip tough abstinence neglect abstinence

qua of scruffing preposterous way muss way of way muss festivity's
residential festivity's muss way muss way of vermouth scruffing
to astir to scruffing to astir the terminus via mocha reclaim

sip reclaim of sip post reclaim mocha of terminus mocha reclaim
post reclaim mocha reclaim post sip of reclaim of reclaim of
mocha reclaim of reclaim out reunify sets out and out house arrest

correspondence a preposterous scruffing preposterous

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Sheila Murphy said...

And thanks to you, too, Jukka! This is great!