Monday, April 23, 2007

[ would-be fanny hookup ozone ]

clarity narcissi behalf behalf ukulele clarity

ardent fallen lifelong cope impacted lifelong impacted

upsurge lifelong snide songster deface hookup fallen troika
troika grade quarters

would-be grade overcoat maidenly grade lass clarity

infinite hovel hookup upsurge maidenly lass ukulele fallen
narcissi cope

cope watery ukulele miscue ukulele maidenly lifelong miscue

maidenly grade quarters narcissi hookup fanny lifelong clarity

miscue hookup hookup fanny hovel ozone morality behalf

ukulele quarters this besought upsurge

infinite overcoat sturdy fallen lass jolly hookup hovel quarters
snide this ozone

this watery this fallen this lass ukulele

miscue prefix this overcoat maidenly clarity miscue ozone

1 comment:

p ganick said...

by breaking the blocks of text jukka usually uses, he gives more senantic shape to his writing. the writing tells when it would like to pause then go forward. the problem with blocks of text, and i should certainly know, is the phrasing will always be uncertain.