Monday, March 26, 2007

language plants and kisses back

genuine absence of fear (absent the fear) [hybrid hybird]
replies to tangent after tangent [moss]
(when it comes) you can reply to winter [overtone overdose]
and the season will hold (mellowing) [yeast comes]
or you can take a moment to refashion [how to speak]
how the moment ratifies another (moment) [punctuation]
integral to this one [which of us]
and in this one what are the furnishings [relax absorb]
(to absorb) [relate]
is this just to sit still rummaging around [finder's fee]
the images (and are you here) [approximate]
again the replica once polished is confused [sumatra tastes]
with the thing itself [pale sugar]
the thing itself is less than [dry petals]
over here (see proof) [imagine into]
a laminated daylight gestures to the dark [being]

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