Friday, February 16, 2007

under[[neat]] h

a calling
[[maturation silenced]]
retrogradual fosters
[[winced]] grace
chastely [[called for]]
first chemise then whoosh
[[removal of]]
her sense of humor
striking thus
[[penchant for winter]]
into quarters [[young quartet]]
reportage in the interest
[[safely small]]
diminishing front run
[[tepid to the last]]
insensate [[he was mere chemistry]]
to moisten [[tongue]]
the limited [[infusion]]
spun to depths [[arriving]]
martialed limits
and the tenderness we call
[[religion]] yarned its empathy
[[whose river]]
simpering once understood
[[there were the wools and dried lives]]
holding in a wind
[[these aching suppositions]]
sometimes rancid things go clean
[[in the imagination]]
what he's doing
[[what she's after]]
two-lane traffic

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